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September 2016

2016 keeps getting better! O/M is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of EILD (Iberoamerican Gathering of Lighting Designers) in Ouro Preto, Brazil. This highly innovative event has a different format, with a mix of activities including lectures, exhibition of Iberoamerican projects, sensorial and investigative walks throughout the city, urban interventions, cinema, sensorial experiences about light and interaction with lighting solutions.
Participants are invited to explore the thematic of creative processes, inherent to any profession. As a Gathering, EILD seeks to put professionals and students together, from different backgrounds and cultures, for a wide discussion about light, encouraging the exchange of experiences and impressions among the participants and the city.
It will be a great opportunity to connect with South American light designers with whom we work side-by-side, sharing ideas and experiences.

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