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May 2020

The latest innovation from O/M’s partnership with Bartenbach GmbH, inFinit’s seamless, Lightstream optical system, recessed inside an aluminium profile, achieves unsurpassed glare control and visual comfort. With limitless extensibility and an optional indirect light, its ergonomic performance makes it ideal for workplaces.


Aluminium profile with 25 micron maximum corrosion resistance anodisation in matte finish or electrostatic 100% polyester paint with textured-finish. Anodised aluminium end caps in matte finish. 

Direct light : Linear extruded lenses (Lightstream) combined with a secondary reflector, integrated into an extruded aluminium profile.
Indirect light: Linear lenses for batwing effect protected by a transparent acrylic diffuser.

Fitting accessories for different applications are available.

Light source
O/M LED modules with excellent colour consistency (2 step-MacAdam) and long operating lifespan (>50.000h; L80/B10). LED CRI>90 300K, 4000K. Tunable White.


Donwload inFinit brochure HERE.

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