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September 2018

Update to the U family!

O/M is upgrading its aluminium profile families to flexible systems that provide greater freedom when designing to meet clients’ needs. They replace the single unit luminaires and bring all U profiles into systems that offer a wide variety of components and modules.  
This will be a trend for our brand, and soon these changes will also appear for other products, in the Linear and Sys chapter.

O/M’s laser-thin profile can now create both general and accent lighting from a single line. The U35's versatility and quality of light is ideal for any space that needs great visual comfort. Choose from diffuse, inVision, or Onit modules to model the light to your exact needs. Learn more

In a mission to create more complete and versatile linear systems, besides the Diffuse module, you can now integrate Uw modules into the elegant and streamlined U45 linear systems. Learn more

The classic U60 profile has evolved into three new products focused on completeness of range:
U60 Sys, which offers all the same versatility to create bespoke general lighting;
U60 Modular, ready for quick delivery and assembly, and ideal for creating single luminaires or endless lines;
U60 IP54, available in single units for recessed, ceiling mounted and wall applications, and equipped for conditions that demand a higher protection rating. Learn more

This product maintains all its robustness and reliability, keeping both versions as linear systems and IP54 units, but now as easy to order as any other U profile range. Learn more

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