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April 2018

Lightcore is the latest innovation in optic micro-reflectors to create contrast precision, achieving maximum efficiency. 
Developed with Bartenbach GmbH, Lightcore's complex geometry with high reflection aluminium coating surface creates a controlled beam, extraordinary glare control and visual comfort. 

Breaking a standard
The lighting industry’s standard defines that the beam angle is the angle which contains 50% of the luminous intensity of the light beam. The field angle ends when the luminous intensity reaches 10% of its maximum.
Lightcore micro-reflector concentrates in its beam angle 90% of the maximum luminous intensity; consequently, the difference between the beam angle and the field angle is practically nonexistent. The result is a very defined beam with no light spill. These characteristics will allow you to design the light with maximum accuracy.

You can find this exclusive O/M optical technology in ranges of downlights and spotlights such as One, One Plus and Over.



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