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Esquadro Out

Design: O/M
Indirect light wall lamp made of aluminium body with anti-corrosion treatment and with electrostatic 100% polyester paint with textured-finish suitable for adverse climate conditions.
Clear polycarbonate diffuser with anti-uv treatment.
Includes a valve that prevents condensation within the luminaire without affecting its high level of protection.

Light Effect
.01 White
.02 Black
.03 Grey
.34 Rust
.00 RAL on request
Esquadro Out
 On/Off Code
2700K / 261x251x73mm / 18W / 1310lm 11735
Esquadro Out
 On/Off Code
3000K / 261x251x73mm / 18W / 1560lm 11745
Esquadro Out
 On/Off Code
4000K / 261x251x73mm / 18W / 1650lm 11755
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