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Cidade Matarazzo

Year: 2022
Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Jean Nouvel + Triptyque Architecture
Interior Design:
Philippe Starck + Atelier de France
Lighting Design: LD Studio + OMstudio
Photography: Andrés Otero

The renovation of the old Matarazzo Hospital, a Symbol of Italian architecture in São Paulo Brazil, was held by Group Allard.  

Intersecting historical heritage and modern life, this project comprises a majestic tower conceptualized by French architect Jean Nouvel, with interiors designed by Philippe Starck, and lighting designed by LD Studio and OMstudio. 

With more than 30,000 m², this complex includes a splendorous six-star hotel, luxury suites and stores, restaurants, spaces for meetings and cultural events, car parking, a church, and a beautiful garden. O/M's products are present in most of these spaces, such as the Matarazzo's rooms and private apartments, corridors, elevators, restaurants, lobbies, event spaces, or offices. 

As the leading supplier of interior technical lighting for the project, O/M’s state-of-the-art technology provides visual comfort and precision to match the high standards of the project.

The projector Onit was initially designed specifically for the Matarazzo project. Used along the corridors, Onit offered the required flexibility and control to highlight the artwork on the walls with a defined and customizable light. 


According to Mônica Lobo, head of LD Studio, Onit was developed from the need to solve the lighting of hallways, where works of art are displayed. “The corridors' low ceilings need an anti-glare projector with certain measures and varied beams”, details Mônica. Starting as a bespoke development for Matarazzo's architecture, today, the Onit family is part of O/M's catalog and is available in recessed, surface, and track versions, the range also offers a complete collection of accessories that are easily swapped in or out after installation, so takes just a snap to customize.

Another highlight of the project is the Beam downlights with a special bronze finish that resulted from a meticulous process involving manual craftsmanship. This was required in order to replicate the bronze tonality found in most of the finishing profiles of Cidade Matarazzo.



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