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Location: Luanda, Angola
Architecture: Berger Arquitectos
Photography: Fernando Guerra

The Luanda Multipurpose Pavilion (2013), also known as the Luanda Arena, was designed by Berger Arquitectos. This sports hall was built to host the 41st Roller Hockey World Cup.
“The construction of this sports hall will make a crucial contribution to the consolidation and characterization of the new city, constituting an urban and architectural landmark, a foundation for its new fabric and generator of new centralities. The external walls of the sports hall are essentially a shade membrane, that does not completely enclose the facilities. The repetition of elements that are limited in number and therefore easily systematized, juxtaposed with modules that are sometimes inverted, creates a pattern and an undulating dynamic external wall, accentuated by the variations in the way the sun shines throughout the day, gaining added splendor from artificial lighting”. Berger Arquitectos

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