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/ Uw Recessed
Design: OM + Bartenbach GmbH
Recessed luminaire with housing made of aluminium with 25 micron maximum corrosion resistance anodization in matte finish or electrostatic 100% polyester paint with textured finish.
Aluminium anodised end caps with matt finish or electrostatic 100% polyester paint with textured-finish.
Linear extruded lenses (Lightstream) combined with a secondary reflector, integrated into an extruded aluminium profile.
Fitting accessories ordered separately.
Color temperature 2700K CRI >90
Beam Angle Wallwasher LOR 45%
UGR - Colour deviation 2-step MacAdam
Light source power 32W Life time >50.000h, L80/B10
Light source flux 3200lm Control On/Off
Light source efficiency 100lm/W IP rating 20
Luminaire power 37,6W IK rating -
Luminaire flux 1450lm Weight 2Kg
Luminaire efficiency 39lm/W Wiring 230Vac | 50/60Hz
Color temperature 2700K
Beam Angle Wallwasher
Light source power 32W
Light source flux 3200lm
Light source efficiency 100lm/W
Luminaire power 37,6W
Luminaire flux 1450lm
Luminaire efficiency 39lm/W
CRI >90
LOR 45%
Colour deviation 2-step MacAdam
Life time >50.000h, L80/B10
Control On/Off
IP rating 20
IK rating -
Weight 2Kg
Wiring 230Vac | 50/60Hz
Last Update: 21 November, 2022
O/M recommends that any false ceilings intended for recessed products should be installed only after the products to be used have been chosen. The same applies when preparing openings for this type of product. O/M recommends reinforcing false ceilings close to any such openings, in accordance with the characteristics of the product to be recessed. The cutout dimensions are for plasterboard ceilings. For other type of material please contact: support@om-light.com