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/ Sys45 inFinit module
Compatibility with other modules must be confirmed with support@om-light.com
Design: OM + Bartenbach
Module with linear extruded lenses (Lightstream) combined with a secondary reflector, integrated into an extruded aluminium profile.
Color temperature 3000K CRI >90
Beam Angle Wide flood 80° LOR 0.8
UGR <19 Colour deviation
Light source power 27W Life time
Light source flux 3450lm Control
Light source efficiency 130lm/W IP rating 20
Luminaire power 31W IK rating
Luminaire flux 2750lm Weight
Luminaire efficiency 89lm/W Wiring
Color temperature 3000K
Beam Angle Wide flood 80°
UGR <19
Light source power 27W
Light source flux 3450lm
Light source efficiency 130lm/W
Luminaire power 31W
Luminaire flux 2750lm
Luminaire efficiency 89lm/W
CRI >90
LOR 0.8
Colour deviation
Life time
IP rating 20
IK rating
Last Update: 1 January, 1970
For the specific supply of "DALI 2" drivers, please contact: support@om-light.com