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O/M relies in a high standard of quality, all products offer a five-year contractual warranty.


General Conditions

O/M is a brand owned by Osvaldo Matos SA.
O/M cannot be held liable for any errors in the catalogue and related media. If you require more detailed and specific information on any product, please send such requests directly to O/M through the appropriate channels.


Technical Characteristics

O/M, under its policy of continuous improvement and keeping apace with the latest technological innovations, reserves the right to discontinue any product or change product characteristics and information at any time and without notice, without this affecting the basic characteristics of the product.

For updated information, visit www.om-light.pt and /or directly contact O/M through the appropriate channels.


The different products must be installed and maintained by qualified professionals. The installation conditions described in the installation instructions and the operating conditions mentioned in the product datasheet must be duly guaranteed. O/M cannot be held liable for the incorrect assembly, installation, maintenance, repair or handling of its products. O/M cannot be held liable for the use
of unsuitable accessories. O/M cannot be held liable if any alterations are made to the product or if the installation instructions are not correctly followed. O/M products are prepared for installation in areas with ambient temperatures between 0 ºC and 35 ºC.

O/M recommends that any false ceilings intended for recessed products should be installed only after the products to be used have been chosen. The same applies when preparing openings for this type of product. O/M recommends reinforcing false ceilings close to any such openings, in accordance with the characteristics of the product to be recessed.


The performance of the product will only be guaranteed if its handling, use, installation and maintenance are performed according to the supplied instructions. The wattage indicated for LED light source products may vary by 10% from the value indicated.

The degradation of the LED depends on the ambient temperature at which it is operated. The specified values apply at an operating temperature of 25°C or at the ambient temperature of the luminaire.
Maximum temperature should not exceed 35°C for products installed outdoors and 30°C  for products installed indoors and minimum temperature should not be under - 20° C.

The flux indicated for LED systems is an average, for Tj=25 °C.
The efficiency announced is an estimate for the nominal LED current.

The photometries are obtained by testing a standard product from each range, in a laboratory and under ideal conditions.


All the information in the catalogue and related media is the property of O/M. No copying and/or total or partial reproduction of the information contained herein is permitted.

If the theft of intellectual property or counterfeiting of O/M products is discovered, all appropriate legal action will be taken to punish the offender.

Supply conditions

The delivery terms of the products are ex-works.
The inclusion of a bulb is specified in the product datasheet.
For air transport, the maximum limit per section of profile is 3 m.
All the ballasts, power supplies/drivers and transformers included with the products are electronic and of high quality.



Osvaldo Matos guarantees that O/M brand products are free of material and manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years from their invoice date, provided they are used for the purpose for which they were designed, within ambient limits and with appropriate use and when installed in accordance with established procedures. The conditions of use and the ambient and installation conditions are set out in the product datasheet and installation instructions.

In the event of a complaint, the customer must ensure that the installation complies with the aforementioned indications.
The customer must send O/M all the relevant information in writing, including the purchase invoice, model, serial number (if any), fault date, description of the fault, conditions in which it occurred, photographs of the location and of the faulty product and any other information that may be considered relevant.

For this guarantee to be issued, the following conditions must be met:

1 - The products must have been used in accordance with their technical specifications, as set out in the product datasheet and installation instructions.
2 - The installation, assembly, removal and maintenance of the product (if applicable), must have been performed by specialised technicians, scrupulously following the installation/maintenance procedures described in the installation instructions.
3 - When the product allows bulbs to be replaced, the replacement bulbs must comply with applicable IEC standards.
4 - For products with a LED light source, the guarantee is valid for maximum daily use of 12 hours, unless otherwise indicated in the product datasheet.
6 - For LED products, a device is considered functional when it has a luminous flux equal to or greater than 70% of its original value and it is admissible for up to 50% of the LEDs to operate below that value, unless otherwise indicated in the product datasheet. 
7 - The product must not be modified and/or repaired without the written consent of Osvaldo Matos.
8 - The faulty product must be kept at the customer’s premises during the time required for Osvaldo Matos to assess the complaint.
9 - After notification of the customer by O/M, the faulty product will be sent at the customer’s expense to Osvaldo Matos, where the causes of the fault will be analysed.
10 - If it is concluded that the fault is due to causes not covered by this guarantee, O/M reserves the right to charge for the time spent on analysis of the products in question, as well as to charge expenses
for travel and other services involved in the analysis, in accordance with the price list in force.
11 - The customer paid for the product in accordance with the Payment Terms set out in the Payment Agreement.

The Guarantee does not cover:

1 - Faults or defects caused by circumstances of force majeure, such as short-circuits, lightning, accidents or other circumstances that cannot be attributed to defective materials or construction.
2 - Defects caused by surges greater than those defined in IEC 61000-4-5-2005: Class 2 and Class 3 (more than 500V between phase and neutral and more than 1,000V between phase/neutral and earth).
3 - Costs arising from services not directly related to the repair of the product: its assembly and dismantling at the installation location and means to carry this out, expenses arising from storage of the defective product, its transport from the installation location to the place of repair and vice-versa, requests for extensions of the payment limit, price reductions, or end of the supply agreement.
4 - Parts subject to use and wear, such as light sources (excluding LEDs), battery packs, mechanical parts subject to erosion, movable parts such as fans used for cooling or forced ventilation, as well as software faults, bugs and viruses.
5 - Power supplies, whether constant voltage or constant current, programmable, fixed, adjustable or configurable.
6 - Ballasts and ignitors, whether electronic or ferromagnetic.
7 - Products the interiors of which show signs of having been modified without the prior written consent of Osvaldo Matos.
8 - Products that present damage not attributable to O/M.
9 - Products that show signs of modification to their programming or configuration without the prior consent of O/M.

If the product is covered by the Guarantee, and provided the conditions referred to above are met, O/M will be free to decide whether to make the repair or to replace the product with an identical or equivalent product, subject to any technological progress that may have occurred since the time when the product was first put on sale.

The product replaced/repaired shall not benefit from any extension of the original guarantee. The guarantee period of the product replaced/repaired will end five years after the date of the original invoice.

O/M products are manufactured using the latest methods and materials. Mechanical and structural parts are covered by this Guarantee only if the problems detected affects its mechanical and/or structural safety and these problems result from faulty manufacture.